23 September 2014

EPiServer CMS has come a long way in the last few years

I have recently done some work on an EPiServer build for the first time in a few years. The overall impression is of a rapidly maturing CMS that is much easier to implement than it used to be.

27 March 2014

Here's the truth about CMS selection: It doesn't really matter...

A lot of hot air is wasted on CMS selection. Having lived through many implementations, it’s not the platform decision that determines whether or not you will be successful.

5 February 2013

Using Umbraco 6 to create an ASP.NET MVC 4 web application

A lot of .Net-based CMS systems have been slow to adopt MVC and Umbraco have had more trouble than most. The newly released version 6 boasts a rendering model that plays pretty nicely with a full MVC 4 project - so long as you’re prepared to ignore the webforms lurking in the Umbraco UI.

19 June 2012

The Umbraco 5 debacle proves that even a free CMS needs effective governance

Having to pull the plug on a new version of your product is unfortunate. Scrapping it months after it’s been released is just plain careless.

18 March 2012

EPiServer vs Sitecore – Comparing .NET CMS platforms

EPiServer and Sitecore are direct competitors in the middle-tier CMS market and on the surface they appear to do pretty much the same thing. You need to dig quite deep to draw out a useful comparison.

9 September 2011

EPiServer CMS anti-patterns: common mistakes in development projects

EPiServer is a great CMS but like all platforms it has a number of traps for the unwary and inexperienced.

25 May 2010

The Times Online doesn't need content to make its paywall a success...

The success or otherwise of the Times Online’s imminent paywall shouldn’t be judged on the number of subscribers. After all, content isn’t the only source of revenue.

27 January 2010

Selecting a web CMS: The most common mistakes in RFPs

There seem to be some very common mistakes made in web CMS Request For Proposal (RFP) documents that can make them difficult to respond to in any meaningful way

25 August 2009

Developing EPiServer page providers: optimizing performance

If you are developing EPiServer page providers for very large data sets, there are a few things you ought to bear in mind about performance.

16 May 2009

EPiServer: Creating a re-usable generic custom property

A technique for storing complex, object-based data in EPiServer custom properties using a re-usable generic base class. Includes downloadable source code.

8 May 2009

The CMS questions that you really should be asking suppliers

Most of the RFP documents I see tend to follow the same pattern and don’t really ask agencies enough difficult questions - here’s a series of suggestions that will make them think a bit harder on their responses.